Windows 10 free upgrade is set to expire end of July

This article is a friendly reminding for people to decide whether or not you want a FREE upgrade to Windows 10 on or before July 29.

Clarinda Park I.T. Windows 10 upgrade

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. The company released the upgrade almost a year now (Jul 2015). And as part of the release, it offered the upgrade to be free... at least for a year. And It is set to end this July 29, 2016. As of this writing, there is no news that Microsoft would be extending its 'free upgrade to Windows 10' promotion.

Working for BreezyIT and in my very own Clarinda Park IT, both in Parkes Shire, I have done a number of computer upgrades for clients. But I also did some rollbacks to few of them.

There would be reasons why a user would opt not to go to Windows 10. And one acceptable reason for me is that a program, or two, won't run in Windows 10. I have seen and experienced the said situation.

There would be reason why a user would decide to roll back from Windows 10, too. All of them would say, "it is not working properly". But it could be resolved by just finding the right way of doing things in the new Windows 10. Reach out for technical support regarding your windows10 upgrade.

So if your computer is still on Windows 7, or 8, consider the FREE UPGRADE to Windows 10. Windows upgrade from XP/Vista to Windows 10, is not free, but consider upgrading your machine if you are still in windows xp/vista (or maybe replace it with a new one).

Once you stumble on an issue and problem, Clarinda Park I.T. would always be available for consultation, and help.

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