Apple FIND IPHONE feature May Benefit You as a User One Day

There are features in Apple product that you may be taking for granted until you realise that you need them.

Few weeks back, I got a call from a dear friend and client that she lost her iPhone. I advised her to change all the passwords of her accounts right away. Then we were talking about the FIND IPHONE feature that is included in the Apple products. But it was already more than a day, before I found out about the incident; and she does not know her AppleID, if she has one.

Then I thought that it would be a good thing to know what this FIND IPHONE feature can do, and share it in Clarinda Park IT website

I. Make sure that you have set up your iPhone (or any Apple Products you own such as iMac, Macbook, iPad) to be connected to iCLOUD using your AppleID. You can manage your AppleID via this link.

To connect your devices (iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook) to your iCloud account, instructions can be found in this link. You have to make sure that your Apple devices are connected to iCloud using your AppleID.

II. Using your AppleID details, login to iCloud via

ICLOUD Login Page

III. In the dashboard, you would be able to see all the devices that are logged in to iCloud using your AppleID.

All devices connected to iCloud using AppleID

IV. For cases that one device is missing, you would be able to manage your device from the iCloud dashboard such as locate the device, lock the device, or erase the device

Say for instance, an IPAD is missing and/or misplaced, you can trigger:


In the iCloud Dashboard, Click on PLAY SOUND.

If the device is connected online, it will start playing a sound.

If the device is not connected online, the 'play sound' command will not make an alert in the device, but as soon as the device comes online, it will make an alert.

Once the device makes an alert noise, the iCloud dashboard would be able to log the location of the device.


Once LOST MODE has been selected and that the device is connected online, the device will lock itself.

The passcode to unlock the device is the passcode you have set up in the device.

If there is no passcode, you would be triggered to enter the passcode, which could be used to unlock the device once the device has been recovered.

If the device is not connected online, the LOST MODE command will not commence. You have to wait until someone finds it, and connects it online.

The LOST MODE feature of FIND IPHONE triggers a message to show in the device how you can be contacted if it is found, etc.


In the worst case scenario that there is no way to retrieve the device (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac), ERASE MODE can be selected to clean up the data in the device.

Just like the other 2 options above, the device should be connected online.

When the device is online and the ERASE DEVICE has been triggered, the device will start to erase and reformat itself to factory settings.

During the test that I did, my iPad did a reformat, and I was asked to set it up again. During the setup process, it asked for the AppleID details that triggered the ERASE of the device. So if someone has your device, it may not be of use to him/her as it would need your AppleID details to continue with the setup.

This is because the iPad was still under my AppleID in iCloud. You can always remove the device in the list of your devices in your iCloud.

The FIND IPHONE/IPAD/MAC feature would only be useful if the device is:

- powered on (still has battery... so don't wait days before you do the necessary actions),

- the device has been configured to connect to iCloud with your AppleID (it is a good idea to connect your devices to iCloud),

- and the device is connected online (hope for someone who has it connects it online)

I will try to find out if there is a way to reset the device even if it is still connected to an iCloud account.

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