NSW Mini Trots Builds Its Online Presence

The online presence of New South Wales Mini Trotting Association (NSWMTA) has been up for about 3 months now. Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) CEO John Dumesny informed me that he'd given my contact details to NSWMTA Secretary Daryll Jackson to reformat the current website the NSW Mini Trots Association had.


(a) website: www.nswminitrots.org.au

(b) Contact Personnel: Daryll Jackson, NSWMTA Secretary, 2016

(c) Contact email: secretary@nswminitrots.org.au

(d) Follow us in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nswminitrottingassociation/

(e) and in Twitter: https://twitter.com/nswminitrots

Clarinda Park IT builds New South Wales Mini Trotting Association website (NSW Mini Trots)

Got a call from Mr. Jackson one day in September, and we got the ball rolling. As the NSWMTA has 11 clubs in it, I thought it could be a tough task. And it was. I had no material to start with. No photos of my own. I didn't know anyone in the association and the clubs (except for Mr. Daryll Jackson, who by that time, I have not met personally). But I have been working in IT for years - I've learned how to make workarounds, and adjust to the circumstances at hand.

I am involved in harness racing industry with Clarinda Park Horses breeding standardbred horses, and being active in Parkes Harness Racing Club as the resident IT, social media manager, and photographer. It is interesting to find out that the harness racing industry introduces 'horsemanship' to little kids, as young as 6 years old. I was introduced to big horses, that when they kick and hit you, you know its going to hurt.

As there is no mini trotting club in Parkes, I've only been relying so far to the photos and videos uploaded by different members in different clubs of NSWMTA.


A number of the "graduates" from NSWMTA over the years continued to their careers in the big league of harness racing. Some of them are now commentators, stewards, trainers, and drivers in harness racing Australia.

I know I could not attend all of the race meetings of different clubs, but hopefully I could attend the big ones, and be able to take some photos and videos myself.

If you know someone interested in mini trotting, you can always refer NSW Mini Trots.

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