Clarinda Park Photography has its new website

In 2015, Clarinda Park Horses was established, after we have moved to Parkes (New South Wales, Australia), to continue the close involvement in harness racing industry.

For 2 years now, a number of foals were born and a number of yearlings were already sold. These foals and yearlings (mares and stallions, too) would surely have their photos taken and uploaded in our social media accounts. See the website of Clarinda Park Horses and Facebook account, too.

On the other end of the business line of Clarinda Park is the Clarinda Park IT. As part of the work Clarinda Park IT does for its client, I take photos of the events of my clients and upload them in their respective social media accounts.

And this brought up the opportunity for us at Clarinda Park to open up the photography service. Thus, CLARINDA PARK PHOTOGRAPHY was established.

As I always tell the "business" clients at Clarinda Park IT, it is always a good move to have a website for any business. So here, I present the website of Clarinda Park Photography.

Clarinda Park IT. Clarinda Park Photography launches its new website.

CLARINDA PARK I.T. offers IT services, and is based in Parkes NSW. A number of services are being offered such as computer fix and maintenance, procurement, hardware support and fix, software support, and website design, development, and maintenance.



m: 0487 924 663

a: 274 Back Yamma Road, Parkes, NSW 2870