Parkes Landscaping Supplies New Website Is Out

Clarinda Park I.T. redesigned the website of Parkes Landscaping Supplies, and Clarinda Park Photography was able to take some photos of the products and property of business

Parkes Landscaping Supplies property

Visit the website:

Parkes Landscaping Supplies is a local business in Parkes, New South Wales providing gardening and landscaping supplies to Parkes and Central West New South Wales.

Spring 2017 at Parkes Landscaping Supplies.

They have a wide range of products for landscaping and gardening needs. This includes (but not limited to):


> > Scorio

>> Autumn Rock

>> Rubble

>> Crushed Brick

>> Crushed Limestone

>> Thallon

>> Gold Pebble

>> River Pebbles


>> Granite

>> Blue Metal

>> Road Base

>> Driveway Mix

>> Beach Sand

>> Brick Sand

>> Fine Sand

>> Washed Course Sand


>> Loam

>> Garden Mix

>> Top Dressing

>> Sandy Loam

>> Soil Conditioner

>> Mushroom Compost

>> Manure Cow

>> Anl Garden Mix


>> Horticultural Bark

>> Softfall

>> Cypress Chip

>> Red Chip

>> Shreaded Cypress

>> Tree and Leaf


Side story:


Few weeks after I have moved to Parkes in May 2015, I was referred to do a computer fix for Parkes Landscaping Supplies. I would have done it for free, but Mary Ellen insisted on giving me money for my time. I earned my first unofficial IT support pay in Parkes that day.

On that same week, my ego boosted. I thought that I could set up a business, but when i weighed in other considerations, all decision flow pointed to 'I am not ready'.

After working for BreezyIT (in late 2015), and setting up Clarinda Park I.T. (in early 2016), did a number of jobs for Parkes Landscaping Supplies.

It took time but finally Clarinda Park IT and Parkes Landscaping Supplies were able to come up with some service level agreement. :)